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Tuesday afternoon, Ferguson protesters march in downtown St. Louis, from City Hall to the US Courthouse. 

This is super important

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in a serious relationship with this video

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"When I was about 20 years old, I met an old pastor’s wife who told me that when she was young and had her first child, she didn’t believe in striking children, although spanking kids with a switch pulled from a tree was standard punishment at the time. But one day, when her son was four or five, he did something that she felt warranted a spanking–the first in his life. She told him that he would have to go outside himself and find a switch for her to hit him with.

The boy was gone a long time. And when he came back in, he was crying. He said to her, “Mama, I couldn’t find a switch, but here’s a rock that you can throw at me.”

All of a sudden the mother understood how the situation felt from the child’s point of view: that if my mother wants to hurt me, then it makes no difference what she does it with; she might as well do it with a stone.

And the mother took the boy into her lap and they both cried. Then she laid the rock on a shelf in the kitchen to remind herself forever: never violence. And that is something I think everyone should keep in mind. Because if violence begins in the nursery one can raise children into violence.”


-Astrid Lindgren, author of Pippi Longstocking, 1978 Peace Prize Acceptance Speech (via complice)
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i used to be so picky about what i post and reblog but it’s just slowly deteriorated into a state of “why not”

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'I used to dress a lot in black and now I've let color into my life, its very metaphorical'

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Put on your dancing shoes — we’ve got your first peek at the Season 6 gag reel

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I’ve never met harry styles but I trust him with my life

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the sky the other night x a gradient made from it

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this is fucked up. this fucked me up. the teachers fucked up by not showing us this fuck up. fuck.

dear god

i’m 28 and never knew this

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Speaking some real shit.. Dont spend and waste your time and energy on the wrong light

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